• Busselton Trade Training Centre
  • 136-156 Bussell Highway
  • Busselton,WA,6280
  • Ph: (08) 9754 9380

Busselton Trade Training Centre


The Busselton Trade Training Centre is a fully equipped and state of the art facility providing the following training and general purpose areas.

The facilities provide excellent opportunities for students to learn in professional, industry specific environments that equip them with experience and knowledge that assists in successfully moving forward in their chosen careers.



The Busselton Trade Training Centre is available to hire.  Some facilities are available during school hours and some only in off-peak periods (outside of high school timetabling). Please contact Rebecca Wilkinson for availabilities.

Training organisation, home based businesses, local trade businesses, community group or general members of the public who require professional spaces to undertake training or general businesses are welcome to access the Busselton Trade Training Centre.

The facilities can be utilised for an array of needs such as: